Hi Andy,

Hope that you are well.   I am enjoying the look of my house so much and still receiving many, many complements on it, I hope that you got some business out of it.   Would you be able to stain my small bench that was by my front door and how much would you charge?   There isn’t a lot of wood just on the seat and back and the wood is slats.   I should have asked you when you were there painting but I forgot.  It just doesn’t look to nice next to the beautiful front doors.





I work for a large technology company in Ft Lauderdale and have posted your contact information on the internal employee bulletin board, so you might be receiving a few referrals from it. I have already had a few people say they were definitely calling your for services.

We are very happy with the painting and repair you performed on the exterior of our house. Thanks again.

Mark K

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